The adventures of the Moo Cow Diarrhoea Tasting Club

This is a small selection of our adventures.

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Super high speed lift

This lift is so fast!

24 hour challenge in Rugby hospital

We all love urban exploring. Semi abandoned buildings can be more fun than abandoned buildings. Espessually when the heating is on and there are mattresses. It is like a free hotel.

Crane climbing

We love climbing cranes. Despite what some people say, it is not illigal to climb cranes in the UK. It is very fun.

Adventures around the UK.

With Jordan, LTBC Vids, Cam and Ben

Tall building adventures

Tall buildings are the best. Tall building adventures with Billy, Josh and Ben

High Speed lift adventures

Super fast lifts.


Lift regrogramming time!

Sleeping for free adventures

Where can you sleep for free.

Far far away adventures

Very long way from home, but the flights only costs £5 each way.

Sheffield adventures with Jordan and Harry

Ecodisc Adventures with Top Level

Birmingham URBEX adventures

The URBEX adventures of Jordan, Cam, LTBC Vids and Ben

Adventures in Germany

Germany is one of the best places for lift adventures. With FailsInGermany, LiftSurfingGermany, LiftSurfer, PostTower, LiftsInHessen and Eliwag.

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